Zur alten Kaisermühle - Vienna

Zur alten Kaisermühle has a huge terrace with goes down three floors to a lovely pond, and with covered verandas and sunny squares, you’ll definitely find the perfect place to sit. In the middle there is a fireplace on which they grill all sorts things in old “mill” fashion, including steak, spare ribs, lobster, sea bream, trout and char! Bon appétit!


Open daily 11.30am-11pm, Closed in January and February

Address : Fischerstrand 21a 1220 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Alte Donau

Bus : Stop: Alte Donau

Phone : +43 12633529

Web : http://www.kaisermuehle.at

Email : restaurant@kaisermuehle.at

Map :

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