Yellow - Vienna

Yellow really lives up to its name… the decor is entirely yellow! The menu however is stuffed with Chinese and Thai delights, as well as a great sushi menu! There is only one room in the restaurant that’s not yellow…the Special Room, all in red, hidden behind a sliding door. Here, you eat lying down!


  • Japanese Wasabi Tuna : grilled fillet of tuna with a wasabi cream sauce and rocket and radish salad / Ginger Honey Chicken : Chicken fillet with peppers, celery and carrots cooked in a ginger and honey sauce, served with ginger and jasmine rice / Mango tiramisu with cream and mango sauce
  • Chinese soupe with bamboo shoots, carrots, beansprouts, tofu and coriander / Stifried prawns with onions and pepper in a garlic and pepper sauce with jasmine rice / Banana fritters with a caramel and coconut sauce


Open Monday-Saturday 11am-midnight

Address : Mariahilferstr. 127 1060 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Westbahnhof

Bus : Stop: Westbahnhof

Phone : +43 15951155

Fax : +43 15951191

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