Wladimir - Vienna

Entering Wladimir, you’ll think you’ve stepped into the middle of Russia! The décor is luxurious yet warm, and the food takes you on a delicious tour of this fascinating country… but be prepared to pay for it!


  • Homemade Chicken pâté / Vareniki ""Dacha"" (pastry dumplings, similar to ravioli) - stuffed with cabbage and onions with butter and ""smetana"" (sour cream) and green salad / Russian Blinis (similar to crêpes) with honey and jam
  • Solyanka: spicy, sour soup with different types of meat, olives and capers / Pork chops with onions, sautéd potatoes and a little green salad / Vareniki (dumplings- similar to ravioli) (chaussons) with morello cherries or bluberries

Address : Bürgerspitalgasse 22 1060 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Westbahnhof

Bus : Stop: Westbahnhof

Phone : +43 15952524

Web : http://www.wladimir.at

Map :

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