Witwe Bolte - Vienna

There is a doorway in Witwe Bolte that is carved with the inscription “Durch dieses Tor im Bogen ist Kaiser Josef II. geflogen 1778”, recalling a visit by Emperor Josef II of the Holy Empire in 1778. Witwe Bolte is a paradise of Austrian delights, seasonal specialities and vegetarian dishes. The authentic halls and magnificent garden gives this Spittelberg restaurant a lovely, intimate atmosphere. Why not choose a delicious wine from the wine cellar to make your meal truly spectacular?


  • Squash lasagne, marinated with Muscat with salad
  • Veal goulash with dumplings, sausages, eggs and gherkins


Open daily 11.45am-11.30pm

Address : Gutenberggasse 13 1070 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Volkstheater

Bus : Stop: Volkstheater or Siebensterngasse/Stiftgasse

Phone : +43 15231450

Web : http://www.witwebolte.at

Email : info@witwebolte.at

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