Wittgenstein House - Vienna

Paul Engelmann and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein built the Wittgenstein house in 1926 for the philosopher’s sister, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein. With its rigid and simple logic, the building reflects the clear logic of Wittgenstein’s thoughts, who preferred to work as a teacher and philosopher, rather than living off his father’s inheritance. During the 70s, Bulgaria bought the house and it was restored. Today it serves as an institute of culture, and houses the cultural branch of the Bulgarian Embassy.


Open Monday -Thursday 10am-12pm and 3pm-4.30pm

Address : Parkgasse 18 1030 Vienna Austria

Subway : Station Rochusgasse

Bus : Stop: Geusaugasse

Phone : +43 17133164

Fax : +43 17134340

Web : http://www.haus-wittgenstein.at

Email : office@haus-wittgenstein.at

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