Wieden Quarter - Vienna

Wieden is a neighbourhood in central Vienna, which was developed in 1850 through the incorporation into the community of several suburbs. It is a typical inner city neighbourhood, densely populated with few green spaces. As you explore, you will pass Karlskirche, the Kunsthalle on Karlsplatz, and the Theresianum school (formerly an Imperial summer residence), and you will also find the Naschmarkt and the Technical University. Apparently, the area has always been popular, given the long list of old residents, including Johannes Brahms, Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Rainer Maria Rilke, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauß, and Antonio Vivaldi to name just a few.

Address : Wieden (4. Bezirk) 1040 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Taubstummengasse

Bus : Stop: Wien Mayerhofgasse

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