Vollwertrestaurant Lebenbauer - Vienna

Lebenbauer is an elegant restaurant and has been long established as a healthy eating institution! From the whole grain flour, to vegetarian and vegan dishes, everything is delicious! The diverse dishes are very healthy, the ingredients all organic, and the oils, vinegars and herbs are all top quality. All the dishes have a definite pinch of creativity, and this restaurant really proves that fantastic taste doesn’t have to come at the expense of health!


Open monday-Friday 11am-3pm and 5.30pm-10.30pm

Address : Teinfaltstraße 3 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Herrengasse or Schottentor

Bus : Stop: Teinfaltstraße or Rathausplatz/Burgtheater

Phone : +43 15335556

Fax : +43 1533555611

Web : members.chello.at/lebenbauer

Email : lebenbauer-restaurant@chello.at

Map :

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