Van Eyck Square - Bruges

On the charming Jan van Eyck Square, you will find the Burghers’ Lodge, a beautiful gothic style medieval residence, as well as several other pretty, old houses that belonged to Bruges’ business people. You can recognise them thanks to their large triangular or tiered gables. A very typical example of these splendid yet practical houses can be found at number 2, where the ground floor once served as a large storeroom. Nowadays it houses the Information Office of the province of Western Flanders, and it’s definitely worth a visit. The house was built in 1477 as a Toll House, where duty was paid on merchandise entering the town. Next to the Toll House you’ll see the narrow red brick façade of the House of the Guild of Dockers, who unloaded the boats in the harbour. Van Eyck Square is indeed the very heart of the medieval business quarter of Bruges. This area, though every bit as delightful as the Markt district, is noticeably less popular with tourists. Nevertheless, we can’t recommend a visit strongly enough. Why not explore the lanes that lead off the square, where you will discover a wealth of civil and religious architectural treasures and many places that will leave their mark on you.

Address : Vaneyckplein 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Line 4, 43 or 27, bus stop Jan Van Eyckplein

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