Van der Beurze House - Bruges

At number 35 Vlamingstraat, you will find an impressive four storey house, whose height is unusual for a 15th century dwelling. It once belonged to the Van der Beurze family, who kept an upmarket inn for foreign travellers as well as acting as real estate agents, locating accommodation for new arrivals. Their reputation was such that some clients even asked them to act as their representatives in negotiations. On the little square by this stone and brick façade, merchants of all nationalities would come to talk business. They’d arrange to meet at “Van der Beurze’s” which was shortened in time to “Beurze”. In actual fact, this family name was at the origin of the word “Bourse” meaning a place where business was conducted.

Address : Vlamingstraat 35 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Bus stop Biekorf

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