Untersberg Cable car - Salzburg

For those who truly appreciate the great outdoors, why not take a ride on the Untersberg cable car? The car will take you to an elevation of 1776m, and from the cable car station atop the mountain, you can hike to the Geiereck (1805 metres), visit the mountain climbers memorial, or walk to the Salzburg Hochthron mountain (1856 metres). From the summit, you'll be able to see the beautiful Salzburg Lake District, as well as the ice-capped Hohen Tauern mountains. Be sure to check the weather conditions before you leave, and wear appropriate clothing for hiking!


From the 1st-30th of March and the 5th of April-30th of June 8.30am-5pm. July and September 8.30am-5.30pm. The 1st-26th October 8.30am-5.30pm. The 6th of December-28th of February 9am-4pm. Closed 31st of March-4th of April and from 27th of October-5th December.



Address : 2 Dr Ödlweg 5083 Salzburg Austria

Phone : +43 624672477

Fax : +43 62467247775

Web : http://www.untersbergbahn.at

Email : untersbergbahn@aon.at

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