Universitätsbräuhaus - Vienna

Universitätsbräuhaus is a bistro that has hatched from the pharmacy of the old AKH (Allgemeines Krankenhaus) public hospital. In the green courtyard opposite the AKH you will find this lovely open air brasserie under the trees. There is plenty of space for little ones to play, and a wide variety of traditional delicacies and homemade beers for the grownups.


  • Vegetable broth / Turkey kebab with sautéd potatoes and dips / Carroway crusted roast with sauerkraut and dumplings
  • « Souvlàki » - chicken, pork and beef kebabs with goats cheese and courgette salad


Open daily 8am-2am

Address : Alser Straße 4 1090 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schottentor or Rathaus

Bus : Stop: Lange Gasse

Phone : +43 14091815

Fax : +43 14091810

Web : http://www.unibrau.at

Email : campus@unibrau.at

Map :

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