U4 - Vienna

Prince, David Bowie, Nirvana, Courtney Love, Johnny Depp, Nina Hagen, Rammstein, Die Ärtze and Falco are just some of the names that have played at club U4! Today you can come to see stars of the international house scene, including David Guetta, Roger Sanchez and David Moralez, the German hip-hop scene (Fettes Brot, Jan Delay) and famous Austrian pop and rock bands, such as Wolfgang Ambros, Excuse me Moses and Alkbottle. U4 is a modern club, and has been reinventing itself throughout its 30 year life! Here new trends are set, but you’ll also hear a good few classic hits. U4 is open to everyone, the punk and the banker, students and adults… everyone will feel at home here! This kind of tolerance is unique, and there are few places in the world like U4, where you can really be yourself.

Address : Schönbrunner Straße 222 1120 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Meidling Hauptstasse

Bus : Stop: Meidling Hauptstraße

Phone : +43 181711920

Fax : +43 1817119244

Web : http://www.u-4.at

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