Tiergarten Zoo - Vienna

The Schönbrunn Vienna zoo is the oldest zoo in the world, and here you will find the only preserved ‘Baroque zoo’! The history of the zoo is very interesting: in the summer of 1752, François I of the Holy Empire, the husband of Marie-Theresa, invited their noble friends for the first time to see the new zoo in the park of Schönbrunn castle, the summer residence of the Imperial family. In 1906, they were able to assist in the birth of the first elephant in a zoo- until then it was agreed by zoologists that elephants did not reproduce in captivity! Today there are many young animals in the zoo: elephants, tigers, cheetahs, polar bears, giraffes, seals, penguins and hippopotamuses. The Schönbrunn zoo is one of the most modern zoos in the world, and the employees’ mantra is “Schönbrunn zoo is for happy animals”, and it’s true!


Open daily: February from 9am-5pm / March 9am-5.30pm / April-September 9am-6.30pm / October 9am-5.30pm / November to January 9am-4.30pm


5 – 14€ , entry free for under 6s

Address : Maxingstraße 13b 1130 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Hietzing

Bus : Stop: Am Platz

Phone : +43 187792940

Web : http://www.zoovienna.at

Email : office@zoovienna.at

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