The University Church - Salzburg

The Benedictine University of Salzburg was built in 1623, however it would be another 70 years until the university would have a proper church in which to worship. The church was designed by architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, one of the most prominent Baroque architects of the time, and the Kollegienkirche is often considered as his greatest work, with its spectacular halls and façade, and this grandiose church is one of the greatest Baroque churches in Austria. Unfortunately by the time it was consecrated in 1707, Fischer had lost his sight and was unable to see the crowning of his masterpiece. The church is surpassed in terms of size only by the city cathedral, and each of its four halls is dedicated to a different patron saint of the faculties of the university: St. Thomas Acquinas (Theology), St. Ivo (Jurisprudence), St. Luke (Medicine) and St. Catherine (Philosophy). It has served many purposes in its long life, including as a hay store and military church, but since the reopening of the university in 1964, it has returned to its original purpose.


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