The Old Palace (Palazzo Vecchio) - Florence

The Palazzo Vecchio, also known as Palazzo della Signoria, was once the seat of the city's government. This building dates from the late 13th century and its solid and austere aspect is reminiscent of a medieval fortress. Its principal features are large blocks of stone, a limited number of windows, a rampart walk, crenellated battlements and machicolations, and an imposing, lofty tower. At 310 feet high, it dominates the square. The palace's belfry was also the watchtower, in case of an external attack. If you visit the interior, you'll discover the riches of the Florentine Republic. There are some lovely frescos and sculptures to be found there including the original of Judith and Holofernes by Donatello.


Open 9am- 7pm


6,00 €

Address : Piazza della Signoria 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Line A Bus stop CONDOTTA - Line B : Bus stop GALLERIA DEGLI UFFIZI

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