The Lake of Love (Minne Watter Park) - Bruges

Not far from Bruges’ Beguine Convent, the canals become wider to create large ponds where swans swim peacefully to and fro. This is Minne Watter Park, sometimes referred to as the “lake of love"". It was the main water reserve for the medieval town. In old Flemish, “minne” means “collective”, so “Minne Water” means “collective water supply”. But “minne” has an alternative meaning: “love”. Since this meaning is more attractive to visitors, this was the meaning that was adopted from the 19th century on. That said, if you care to take a walk there today, you will see that the name is not a complete misnomer since the atmosphere could not be more romantic.

Address : 1 Wijngaardplein quay 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Bus stop Begijnhof or Bargeplein

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