The Bruges Chip Museum - Bruges

The first thing to note about the Bruges Chip Museum is the building itself. It dates from the14th century and was in fact the headquarters of the commercial representation of Genoa, where Genovese merchants lived and stored their imported merchandise. A residence for the Consul of Genoa was added in the following century. On the arch at the very top of the entrance, you will see a sculpted low relief of a knight cutting down a dragon, which represents St George, the patron saint of Genoa. The building has for some years been home to a museum that prides itself on being the only museum in the world devoted to the history of chips (or fries) and, more generally, potatoes and their condiments. Here you can discover each chapter in the story of every child’s favourite vegetable, from the introduction of the potato to Europe, to its current worldwide distribution.


Open daily 10am- 5pm.  Last tickets sold at 4.15pm.


Individual : 6€ / Groups, students, pensioners: 5€ / Children (6-12) : 4€ / (3-5 ans) : 1€

Address : Vlamingstraat 33 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Line 6 or 16, bus stop Sint Janplein

Phone : +32 50 34 01 50

Fax : +32 50 34 31 50

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