Teatro Verdi - Florence

At the 1500-seat Teatro Verdi, you can enjoy world-famous musical theatre, as well as operas, ballets and plays (check the current programme on the Teatro’s website). What’s more, the theatre is also home to the Orchestra della Toscana, and hence its main venue for rehearsals and concerts. But the delights of the Teatro Verdi extend beyond the stage: its elegant decor is a reason to visiting itself , with a colour palette of gold, white and red, and six imposing tiers of seating. You can even see the old Trecento prison cells, located in the basement of the theatre.


Tickets on sale Monday- Friday, 3pm- 7pm


Prices vary

Address : Via Ghibellina, 101 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines C1, C2, 23 bus stop ""Verdi""

Phone : +39 55 212 320

Web : http://www.teatroverdionline.it/site/home.asp

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