Teatro Duque - La Imperdible - Seville

The Teatro Duque is the old Imperidible theatre which has been moved from the Plaza San Antonio de Padua to the Plaza del Duque in Arenal, Seville. Building was finished in 2008, its style being modern and simplistic. The popularity of this theatre is due to its variety: offering modern theatre pieces, music concerts of all genres, contemporary and flamenco dance shows, poetry readings, etc. The artists are not only Spanish, but international, too, making it a very popular attraction. The Teatro Duque also has a programme dedicated to children.


Ticket office: Thursday-Saturday: 7pm to 11pm, Sunday: 6pm to 8pm.

Address : Plaza del Duque 41001 Seville Spain

Bus : Lines C5, 13, 14

Phone : +34 95 490 5458

Web : http://www.imperdible.org 

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