Strozzi Palace - Florence

The Palazzo Strozzi is undoubtedly one of the Renaissance greatest civil constructions in Florence. This superb edifice is a magnificient example of the power of Florentine families during the Renaissance era. Ordered by Filipo Strozzi, the project started by Benedetto da Maiano was later completed by Simone Pollaiolo a.k.a. "il Cronaca". This three storey cube was built in the XVIth century. It comprises a court following the model of the court of the Medici-Ricardi palace. The symmetrical two part layout was ordered by Filippo Strozzi to accomodate his two sons. The prefectly delimited three level façade symbolizes the paradigm of Quattrocento civil architecture. The regular file of arched windows at the second and third floor along with the boss that is very pronounced at the ground floor but almost flat at the highest storey. The spectacular cornice that crowns the building was a real architectural challenge. Between the windows, you can see the hooks that held standards and torches. On the street level, you can see the hooks for the horses. The palace has three access gate: one in Tornabuoni street, another in Strozzi street and the last one in Strozzi square. Today, the magnificient edifice houses the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, the Gabinetto Vieusseux, a scientific and literrature cabinet founded in 1819, and the Instituto Nazionale di Studi del Rinascimento.

To see: the façade, the façade's hooks, the court; To do visit the temporary exhibitions; Close to Palazzo Rucellai, Orsanmichele.

Address : Piazza degli Strozzi Florence Italy

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