St Stephen's Cathedral - Vienna

Vienna was founded as capital of Austria in 1155 by Henry II of Austria. This meant that there was notable economic and political expansion, and therefore Vienna needed a church which reflected its new status. The façade of the Saint Stephen Cathedral is imposing, and totally atypical of other Medieval churches, because there is no architectural unity- the Gothic style is mixed with a Romanesque structure. For example, there is only one door, whereas usually large churches have three, and above the doorway, there are Romanesque arches. The exterior ogives however are typically Gothic. The octagonal towers are four stories tall, and embellished with 8 windows each, with ornate Romanesque moulding…. The Saint Stephen Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece which is well worth exploring!


Open Monday-Saturday 6am-10pm, Sunday 7am-10pm

Address : Stephansplatz 1 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stephansplatz

Bus : Stop: Stephansplatz

Phone : +43 1513764

Fax : +43 1515523746

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