St Erhard's Church - Salzburg

The St Erhard church was named after the Irish/Scottish St Erhard, who was said to have miraculous healing powers, and originally functioned as a hospital chapel. In 1689, a new church was built on the site of the former chapel by Italian architect Giovanni Gaspare Zugalli. As such, today the Erhard church, which is owned by the Nonnberg convent, is one of the most spectacular examples of Italian Baroque design in Salzburg. Its special features include the dome crowning the two square towers of the façade, the double flight of steps and a wall fountain with a lion's head gargoyle. The water was said to come from a mineral spring with purifying and life-giving properties. The interior of St. Erhard's Church is characterized by rich colors and elaborate decoration by the brothers Francesco and Carl-Antonio Brenno. The painting on the high altar depicts ""The Baptism of St. Ottilia by St. Erhard,"" painted in 1692 by Johann Michael Rottmayr. The spacious high altar, embellished with stucco marble, is the work of the sculptor Andreas Götzinger. The figures sculpted in the high relief represent Salzburg's founding bishops, St. Rupert, St. Vitalis and St. Virgil and St. Martin of Tours. The four cardinal virtues, prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice, are attributed to the four bishop


Open daily 8am-7pm


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Address : Nonntaler Hauptstrasse 12 5020 Salzburg Austria

Phone : +43 662843642

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