Spirituosen Sporer - Salzburg

In one of the narrowest houses on Getreidegasse you will find Spirituosen Sporer, a charming little spirits and liqueur shop. Opened in 1903, this shop is now being run by the third and fourth generations of the same family. They offer a selection of fine alcohols, including several that are made ""in house"", which are stored in casks that are over a hundred years old. Not to be missed is the orange punch, which is still made to the original recipe from 1927. For wine connoisseurs, why not head down on a Wednesday, when proprietor Michael Sporer, a skilled sommelier offers a wine tasting session?


Monday-Friday 9.30am-7pm. Saturday 8.30am-5pm

Address : 39 Getreidegasse 5020 Salzburg Austria

Bus : Old Town

Phone : +43 662845431

Fax : +43 6628454314

Web : http://www.sporer.at/

Email : office@sporer.at

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