Shoe Museum - Vienna

In the Schuhmuseum, you will find all sorts of curiosities from the history of “clothing to protect the feet”. The museum has a vast collection of rare pieces from different centuries, including Francçois-Joseph’s riding boots, Matthias Sindelar’s football boots (which he wore when he scored many goals for Austria in the 30s) and many more. You will also find the famous model for Viennese shoes (men's shoes with a special pattern of little holes) and many kinds of women’s’ shoes. It isn’t possible to say 100% if the shoes in the Sisi collection were actually worn by the Empress, fashion historians are still discussing it, but nevertheless they are beautiful examples of the types of shoes worn in the second half of the 19th century.


The 2nd Tuesday of the month 4pm-7pm or with a booking of at least 10 people.


2 – 3.50€

Address : Florianigasse 66 1080 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Josefstädter Straße

Bus : Stop: Blindengasse

Phone : +43 1514502354 / +43 1514502355

Fax : 431514502358

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