Shake - Vienna

Since it was opened in 2003, Shake has been one of the coolest bars in Vienna. Come here to check out the barmen who often put on displays of flair bartending, as well as the great house music, which is complimented by a grandiose atmosphere and delicious cocktails. If you just want to have a few drinks, its best to come a bit earlier, because later on the DJs start playing, the girls start dancing and you might find yourself unable to resist the temptation to dance as well! Shake attracts a young, dynamic crowd!


Open Monday-Saturday 8pm-4am

Address : Fichtegasse 1a 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Karlsplatz or Stadtpark

Bus : Stop: Walfischgasse/Kärntner Straße or Weihburggasse

Phone : +43 15139696

Fax : +43 19255319

Web :

Email : [email protected]

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