Schweizerhaus - Vienna

Schzeizerhaus (Swiss house) with its large garden and crispy knuckle of ham is a true legend! For the Viennese, who love to spend their summer evenings here, this traditional bistro is the epitome of beer culture!


  • Grilled pork thigh with mustard and horseradish, cabbage salad and potato crêpes
  • Homemade goats cheese ravioli on ""Paradeiskraut"" (cabbage, tomatoes, onion)


March-October: open Monday-Friday 11am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-11pm

Address : Prater 116 1020 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Messe-Prater

Bus : Stop: Messe-Prater

Phone : +43 1728015213

Fax : +43 1728015229

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