Schubert's Birthplace - Vienna

Franz Schubert was born in this house on Nuβdorfer Straβe, and spent the first four and a half years of his life here. After Beethoven, Schubert was the first composer who could live exclusively from his works, telling a friend “I am only in the world to compose”. This is illustrated in the documentation of his life at his memorial. His birthplace is very picturesque- at the time there were 16 families living in it, each with their own small apartment which was made up of a kitchen and a single bedroom. At the museum you will find many things left by the writer, including paintings, drawings, first drafts of his compositions, his guitar and nickel glasses, which he often did not take off even at night, so that he could write down the notes he had dreamed of as soon as he woke up!


Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm


1-2€, free entry for under 19s

Address : Nussdorfer Straße 54 1090 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Nussdorfer Straße

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