Schönbrunn Castle - Vienna

Schönbrunn, the former residence of the Royal Family is one of the most beautiful Baroque castles in Europe. François-Joseph I of Austria, the husband of the charming Sisi was born here in 1830 . He ruled alone from 1848-1854, and with his wife from 1854-1916. The castle today is a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its historical importance, as well as the beauty of the building and its splendid furniture. The name “Schönbrunn” which means ‘beautiful well’ comes from the legend that the Emperor Matthias I of the Holy Empire, during a hunt ‘discovered’ an Artesian well and cried “Welch schöner Brunn” or ‘What a beautiful well’. The water supply for the Court was drawn from this well until a permanent water supply was built.


Open daily: April to June, September and October from 8.30am-5pm/ July and August 8.30am-6pm/ November to March 8.30am-4.30pm


6.50 -14.40€

Address : Schönbrunner Schlossstraße 47-49 1130 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schönbrunn or Hietzing

Bus : Stop: Schloss Schönbrunn or Schönbrunner Schlossstraße

Phone : +43 181113239

Fax : +43 181113333

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