Santo Spirito Church - Florence

Praised by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and described as the "most beautiful church in the world" by Bernini, the church of Santo Spirito is located in the Oltrano district on the Arno left bank in a quiet area far from the bustle of the most touristic places of Florence. The Piazza di Santo Spirito with a fountain in the middle and surrounded by trees is the prefect context for the building by Brunelleschi, started in 1444 and finished in 1487 after the death of the architect. The architect wanted to keep a centralized basilical plan. The transept crossing is the most important element of the structure. Brunelleschi introduced a completely new way of placing the lateral naves around the transept and the chevet. He made again the same chromatic effects as in the San Lorenzo basilica. The 38 altars contain a real artistic treasure of paintingsand sculptures from Quattrocento and Cinquecento. There is also a wooden crucifix made by Michelangelo when he was young.

To see: the inside, the paintings and sculptures, Michelangelo's crucifix; To do: walk around, have a coffe in one of the Piazza's cafés; Close to: Piazza Santo Spirito, the quays along the Arno, Palazzo Pitti.


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Address : Piazza Santo Spirito Florence Italy

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