Santa Maria Novella church - Florence

The church of Santa Maria Novella is a dominican church achieved in 1360. Its façade was made by Leon Battista Alberti, the great theorist of Renaissance architecture. Alberti had to take into account the gothic elements and conceive a project mixing Roman classical themes and Tuscan tradition elements. The upper part contains the site's most remarkable elements such as the pediment and the great volutes from which the baroque architecture inspired. The integration of coloured marbles decorating the façade is typically Tuscan. It gives it a singular and flashy aspect. The inside is vast and sober as it a characteristic of churches built by the Preacher order. It features elements of Cistercian gothic architecture. The stained-glass windows were made in the XIVth and XVth century. The chapels contain magnificient frescos considered some of the most beautiful in Florence. The Capella Strozzi has a work made by Nardo di Cione in 1357. The Capella Magiore was decorated by Domenico Ghirlandaio who made the frescos according to Andrea Orcagna's. He was then helped by Michelangelo who was at the time his pupil. Filippino Lippi est l’auteur des fresques la Cappella di Filippo Strozzi exécutées entre 1497 et 1502. The Capella di Filippo Strozzi's frescos were made by Filippino Lippi between 1497 and 1502.

To see: the façade, the chapels' frescos, the Santa Maria Novella; Close to: the Rucellai chapel also called Santo Sepolcro, Palazzo Rucellai, loggia Paolini, Santa Maria Novella station.


monday - thursday: 9h30 -17h
friday and bank holidays: 13h - 17h
saturday: 9h30



Address : 1, Piazza Santa Maria Novella Florence Italy

Phone : 39055282187

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