Santa Maria Del Mar Basilica - Barcelona

This building, temple of ship-owners and merchants of the city, is maybe the most beautiful example of catalan gothic. The construction began around 1330 under the direction of the architect Berenguer de Montagut and was finished within only 50 years. The temple with three naves topped with quadripartite rib vaults presents all features of catalan gothic architecture. Outside, we can observe the predominance of horizontal lines and a decorative austerity. We can notice the absence of flying butress, important characteristic of European gothic style. There are chapels between the massive butresses. Inside, the translucence of the place is striking. The distance between the slender pillars is 15 metres, twice as much as the usual one. The basilica's proportions are mathematically linked with religious symbolism. The lateral naves' width are half the size of the central nave's and the sum of both width equals the height of the lateral naves. This church also posesses excellent acoustics and it is often changed into a concert hall, especially fot classical, jazz and oriental music.


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Address : 1, Passeig del Born Barcelona Spain

Phone : 34933102390

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