Santa Croce basilica - Florence

When Stendhal came out the Basilica di Santa Croce during his stay in Florence in 1817, he felt dizzy, had anxiety attacks and a tachycardia. The doctor told him that he had a "beauty overdose". Actually, the basilica of Santa Croce contains an incredible number of masterpieces. It also reprensents the power of the city of Florence because its construction, like those of Sanra Maria Novella and Duomo, was financed by the city.

The construction started in 1294 under the direction of Arnolfo di Cambio.The three naves and the transept surrounded by chapels are displayed in a T form. The inside is vast and sober, usual feature of Franciscan churches like the wooden rafter ceiling. The neogothic façade was achieved in 1863. The Santa Croce can be considered the pantheon of Italian personalities. Here are, amid other Italian glories, the tombs of Machiavello, Galileo Galilei and Michelangelo.

The church's chapels' walls are covered with exquisite frescos done by Giotto and his pupils. Giotto, considered the first modern painter, decorated the Bardi and Peruzzi chapels. Taddeo Gaddi and Agnolo Gaddi made the Baroncelli and the Great Chapel's frescos. The Bardi di Vermio chapel was painted by Maso di Banco. The basilica received in the XVth century sculptural works namely the crucifix, Donatello's Annunciation, Antonio Rosellino's Madonna del Latte and a pulpit by Benedetto di Maiano. It contains XIIIth century stainde-glass windows.

In the Piazza Santa Croce, where the church is located, were held calcio storico games, ancient Tuscan sport which is a blend of american football and soccer.



Address : Basilica di Santa Croce Florence Italy

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