Sagrestia Vecchia - Florence

Named Sagrestia Vecchia after the construction of the Sagrestia Nueva di Michelangelo, the ancient sacristy of the church of San Lorenzo was also renovated by Brunelleschi. Built between 1421 and 1428, the edifice was to be the funeral chapel of the Medicis. The square plan is covered by an hemispheric dome with pendentives. Chromatic effects are made by white zones combined with the grey colour of the "pietra serena" in order to highlight each architectural element. The decoration was made by Donatello. The bronze door reliefs and the coloured friezes are fine examples of the genius of the artist. Nonetheless, his performances were disapproved by Brunelleschi. Another great Tuscan sculptor, Andrea del Verrocchio, made the sepulchre of Piero and Giovanni de Medicis.

To see: the structure, the decoration and the doors made by Donatello, the sepulchre of Piero and Giovanni Medici; Close to: Basilica de San Lorenzo, Borgo San Lorenzo, Laurenziana library, Piazza del Duomo.


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Address : Piazza San Lorenzo Florence Italy

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