Robiglio - Florence

Florence is currently home to five Robiglio bakeries, which, when you consider the laws of supply and demand, goes to show just how popular their products are. Come along to see what all the fuss is about, with a taste of ‘Torta Campagnola’, or ‘Cannoli’, which are tube shaped shells made of fried pastry dough filled with ricotta. If you happen to be in Florence at Christmastime, don’t miss the opportunity to sample traditional Panettoni, Pandori and Panforte. Why not take a seat in the Via dei Servi tearoom and sample the delicacies in store? And it’s not only Robiglio’s ‘pistacceries’ that will make your mouth water: since 2002, there has also been a Robiglio ice cream parlour on Viale Strozzi. It's easy to spot thanks to the long queue outside!


Monday- Friday, 7.30am- 7.30pm. Closed in August

Address : Via dei Servi, 112/r, Via Tosinghi, 11/r 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Line C1, bus stop ""Brunelleschi""

Phone : +39 55 594 155

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