Ringstraße - Vienna

The Ringstraβe is one of the most beautiful streets in the Austrian capital. At 4km long, Ringstraβe is bordered by many public buildings and tenements, and marks the perimeter of the first arrondissement. It was built in 1857 on the old defensive walls, under the orders of Emperor François-Joseph. The works took 30 years, and completely changed the appearance of Vienna- and with it the Austro-Hungarian Empire- forever. Along Ringstraβe you will find 25 magnificent buildings, including the Stock Exchange, the Kriegsministerium (The Ministry of War, today a government office) and the Burgtheater to name but a few. A walk along the Ring is probably the easiest way to get to know Vienna. You should admire the beautiful buildings on either side of the road, which reflect the different styles that have influenced architectural styles over the centuries!

Address : Ringstraße 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stubentor, Schottentor or Schottenring

Bus : Stop: Donauturm

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