Retsina - Vienna

Eating is one of life’s greatest joys, yet in the daily grind we can forget this. Who does not remember being at the dinner table with friends, laughing and eating… a time you just relaxed and took a break? Dining at Restina lets you concentrate completely on this moment of culinary delight! The staff are waiting to welcome you with Greek gastronomy, a family atmosphere and charming staff! Discover a little corner of Greece in the middle of Vienna! You can also find Restina at Linzer Straße 237A, Thaliastraße 132 and Heralser Hauptstraße 68!


  • FETA STO SKARAS: grilled goats cheese with tomatoes, peppers and onions / SARDELLES SKARAS: grilled prawns with salad and skordalia (garlic and potato dip (NB can contain nuts)) / JIAOURTI ME KARIDIA KE MELI: yoghurt with walnuts and honey
  • SPANAKOPITAKIA: spinach and goats cheese in puff pastry with salad and tzaziki / GEMISTO KOTOPOULO: Chicken breast stuffed with goats cheese with rice and vegetables / Baklava


Open daily 10.30am-11.30pm

Address : Gorgonzagasse 3 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schwedenplatz or Schottenring

Bus : Stop: Salztorbrücke

Phone : +43 15352621

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