Popcafé - Florence

Your first thought when you walk into Popcafé will probably be ‘IKEA’. This Scandinavian vibe is created by the light wood tables, benches and chairs, combined with white walls. However, decor aside, the bar is definitely far more Italian than Swedish. Eco-friendly types will be in their seventh heaven at Popcafé, as environmental-themed exhibitions often take place here, on subjects such as energy consumption. This green mindset also explains the modest decor, and never has supporting a worthy cause been so delicious. Come along and offset your carbon footprint whilst enjoying a delicious cocktail, the vegetarian snacks on offer between 7.30 and 9.30pm, or Popcafé’s Sunday brunch.


Open daily 12.30pm- 2am

Address : Piazza Santo Spirito, 18a/r 50125 Florence Italy

Bus : Line D bus stop ""Santo Spirito""

Phone : +39 55 213 852

Web : http://www.popcafe.it/

Email : info@popcafe.it

Map :

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