Podium - Vienna

The recipe for Podium is very simple: take a big empty room, add a bit of gastronomy and architecture, garnish with works of art, mix it all up and…voilà! All you have to do now is open the door and enjoy!


  • Ashak: homemade dumplings stuffed with spinach, shallots and peppers with minced beef and tomato sauce / Topfennockerln (quark dumplings) with mango and strawberry sauces
  • Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella, mediterannean herbs and shallots served with grilled vegetables and basmati rice / Almond crêpes


Open Monday-Friday 11am-1am, Saturday 6pm-1am

Address : Westbahnstraße 33 1070 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Burggasse-Stadthalle

Bus : Stop: Burggasse-Stadthalle or Kaiserstraße/Westbahnstraße

Phone : +43 15221587

Web : http://www.restaurant-podium.at

Email : [email protected]

Map :

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