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This square is undoubtedly one of the most popular places in Barcelona because it is a characteristic feature of a singular microcosm which perfectly illustrates the unique nature of the city. What was originally conceived as a bourgeois leisure area became a profoundly popular place offering a different aspect at different time of the day. The plaza Reial, constantly lively thanks to the shops, bistros and bars, is a perfect place to observe the multiple aspects of life in Barcelona, by day as well as by night. Jazz lovers can find there the mythic Jamboree club where famous musicians such as Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald performed. Good music guaranteed! The Plaza Reial was constructed in 1848 upon the site of an ancient Capuchin convent. It is a rectangular place with porticos and palmtrees all over, which are now the symbol of this world-famous square. The original project included a monument commemorating the kingdom of the Catholic Kings but finally, it was not done. Nonetheless, the Plaza Reial kept the name. Instead of the monument was ericted at the middle of the Fountain of the Three Graces a model bought to the French foundry Antoine Durenne which we can still admire. On the fountain's sides, you can notice a work made by young Gaudi which often remains unnoticed: the two streetlights are well and truly part of the brilliant architect's creation.

To see: the square and the fountain; the Gaudi's streetlights; To do: sit and observe, attend a gig at Jamboree club; Close to: la Rambla



Address : Plaza Reial Barcelona Spain

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