Plague Column - Vienna

Among the most famous of all the monuments on the Graben is the Pestsaüle, the plague column, which straight away you will see dominates the square. The plague swept through Vienna on a number of occasions, killing thousands. The worst epidemic was the Bubonic Plague in 1679, which claimed thousands of lives. To commemorate the end of the epidemic, Fischer von Erlach built the column in 1686. The column is not only a memorial to the victims of the plague, it is a symbol of the power of the Hapsburgs. The column has three parts- the top part is a representation of the Holy Trinity sitting on clouds: The Father, the Son (holding the cross), and the Holy Spirit, represented by a dove. They are basked in light, which also lights the middle section of the column. This is decorated in Baroque style, with angels, men and regional coats of arms, including that of the Austrian monarchy. On the pedestal, you can see a kneeling man- this is Emperor Leopold I, who is praying. Below him, there is a young woman with a cross in her hand, standing over a hideous woman- a classic representation of faith triumphing over evil.

Address : Graben 27 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stephansplatz

Bus : Stop: Petersplatz/Graben

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