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The greatest of the florentine palaces was built upon the order of Luca Pitti who wanted his residence's court to have hte Palazzo Medici. Despite it is considered the symbol of the magnificience of Florentine great families' residences, no one really knows the author of the construction. Finished between 1458 and 1466, the Palazzo Pitti follows the model established by Michelozzo with the Palazzo Medici: a court surrounded by 4 building wings with 3 floors each with regular arched windows and characteristic bossed façade. In 1550, the Medici bought the palace and enlarged it. The superb Giardino di Boboli was then conceived by Niccolo Pericoli, a.k.a. il Tribolo, who created the model of Italian style gardens. In 1737, the Medici dynasty passed away and the Lorenas bought the palace. The most important refurbishments executed at the time were Palazzina della Meridiana and the Rondò's. In 1864, Florence was made the Capital City of the new Italian State and kept the status until 1869. The Palazzo Pitti became then the résidence of the House of Savoy who modified the inside.

Beyond its architectural and historical magnificience, the Palazzo Pitti is also one of the most important museums in Florence. It contains painting, sculpture, china and dress collections. In the Galleria Palatina, there is a superb collection of paintings comprising works by Raphaël, Titian, Caravaggio and Rubens. The Galleria d’Arte Moderna, located at the second floor, displays paintings and sculptures from Romantism to Neoclassicism, namely works dei Macchiaioli, important movement of XIXth century Italian painting. The Galleria del Costume is in the Palazzina de la Meridiana which contains a vast collection of dresses from XVIIIth to XXth century. The silverware museum, keeping somptuous belongings of the Greats Dukes of Tuscany, and the Porcelain museum, located in the magnificient Boboli garden, complete this great artistic object collection.

To see: the façade, the court, the main staircase, Buontalenti cavern, the collections, Boboli garden; To do: sit a while outside the Palace, visit the Oltrano district. Close to: the Church of Santo Spirito, Ponte Vecchio, Forte Belvedere.


Galleria Palatina and Galleria d


Galleria Palatina and Galleria d

Address : 1, Piazza Pitti Florence Italy

Phone : 39055294883

Web : http://www.palazzopitti.it, www.polomuseale.firenze.it

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