Pineider - Florence

Pineider is traditional in the truest sense of the word, since this luxury accessories shop has existed since 1774. During the course of all those years, the business has managed to make itself known not only in Florence, but even beyond the Italian borders. Today, its products are available for purchase in five continents. If you appreciate the finer things in life, Pineider's wide range of goods offers everything you could possibly wish for: leather bags, precious pens, paper, cufflinks... What’s more, the shop stocks a special ‘weddings’ collection.


Open daily, 10am- 7pm

Address : Piazza della Signoria, 13r, via de' Turnabuoni, 76r 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines C1, C2, bus stop ""Condotta""

Phone : +39 55 284 655

Fax : +39 55 281 747

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