Pilgrims' Church of Maria Plain - Salzburg

Maria Plain in the northeast of the city has been a famous pilgrimage site since the 17th century. The history of Maria Plain goes back to the Thirty Years' War. The miraculous painting of the ""Virgin with Child"" by an unknown painter miraculously survived a fire in the Bavarian town of Regen undamaged. It was brought to the Grimming family's newly acquired estate on the Plainberg near Salzburg in 1652, where it was kept in a wooden chapel, although just one year later they were forced to return it. Due to the continuous inflow of pilgrims, a copy of the painting was made and put on display in a new chapel. The construction of a large pilgrimage church was commissioned by Archbishop Max Gandolf in 1671: the church was built after plans by Giovanni Antonio Dario and consecrated on August 12, 1674. The original painting was brought back to Salzburg two years later. The three-story, two-tower façade was modeled after Salzburg Cathedral, although it has the character of a rural pilgrimage church. Maria Plain on the Plainberg can be seen from afar. The church's interior is richly decorated with gold accentuated by blue and white. The high altar has a painting of the ""Assumption of the Virgin Mary"" by Francesco de Neve. Mighty statues of the saints stand guard between pairs of columns crowned with wreaths. The miraculous image is the centrepiece of the high altar. The elaborate screen by the locksmith Johannes Thomas, is a masterpiece of wrought ironwork in Salzburg. Annual pilgrimages to Maria Plain still take place today. The ascent is rewarded with a stunning view of the city of Salzburg and the surrounding mountain panorama. Large linden trees invite visitors to stop and linger. Maria Plain is also a popular excursion destination and one of the loveliest wedding venues in Salzburg.


Masses held Monday-Friday at 8am and 10am. Saturday at 3pm. Sunday at 8am, 9am, 10am 11.15am and 3pm.

Address : Plainbergweg 38 5101 Salzburg Austria

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