Pfarrwirt - Vienna

The building which houses Pfarrwirt was built in the 13th century, the “Prälaten” hall was added in the 17th century, so it’s fair to say Pfarrwirt is probably the oldest restaurant in Vienna! After its restoration it is the ideal place to try Austrian wines and traditional Viennese cuisine including Tafelspitz and Viennese Schnitzel. The key to Viennese cuisine is simple- the dishes are simple, authentic and flavoursome. Another secret? Austrian cuisine has always been open to foreign influences. Preserve original recipes and embrace new ones….tradition and open mindedness- those are the two secrets which make Austrian cuisine unique! Bon appétit!


Open daily 12pm-midnight

Address : Pfarrplatz 5 1190 Vienna Austria

Bus : Stop: Heiligenstadt Fernsprechamt

Phone : +43 13707373

Fax : +43 1370737310

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