Pazzi Chapel - Florence

The Pazzi Chapel is both the chapterhouse of the Santa Croce cloister, and the tomb of the influential Pazzi family. Andrea de Pazzi (famous for his coup d’état against the Medicis) commissioned Brunelleschi to build the chapel, who worked on it until his death in 1446. Even though the building’s exterior could probably escape your attention, its impressive interior more than makes up for this. It is an architectural masterpiece of the first Italian Renaissance. Particular highlights include the gallery, and the dome that tops the cube-shaped sacristy.


Monday- Saturday, 9.30am- 5.30pm/ Sundays and public holidays, 1pm- 5.30pm


5 € (Santa Croce)

Address : Piazza Santa Croce 16 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Line C : Bus stop MAGLIABECHI

Phone : +39 55 594 82

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