Paraigua - Barcelona

Paraigua is located in the Barceloneta neighbourhood and renowned for its young and trendy vibe. The modern interior decor and the elegant bar lend the bar a friendly and welcoming vibe. The underground room hosts a variety of concerts each weekend, and if you're hungry, the menu proposes a sumptuous assortment of appetising pastries and tapas, and we've not even mentioned the choice of delicious cocktails. Paraigua is mostly frequented by locals, but it's still worth popping in for a drink or two if you get the chance.


Open every day 7pm - 3am.



Address : Pas de L'Ensenyança, 2 8002 Barcelona Spain

Subway : Jaume I (L4)

Bus : Lines 19 and 40 - Port Vell

Phone : +349 33 02 11 31

Map :

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