Pappala Pub - Vienna

Pappala Pub is an authentic pub with a relaxed atmosphere, good music and a special atmosphere that makes time fly! It opened on the 17th of March 2006, just in time for St Patrick’s Day! Here you can get a good pint of Guinness (After all they do say “Guinness is good for you”), as well as Steigl, Schwechater Zwickl and Carlsberg on tap. You can also get Heineken, Corona, Kilkenny and Fosters by the bottle. But don’t worry, it’s not just beer lovers who are catered for here… you’ll also find a great selection of ciders and wine. And if all that drinking’s left you hungry, grab one of their tasty bar snacks, such as a huge salted pretzel, or a baguette.


Open Monday-Saturday 7pm-4am

Address : Währinger Gürtel / Stadtbahnbogen 153 1090 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Nussdorfer Straße

Bus : Stop: Sternwartestraße

Phone : +43 13102217

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