Orsanmichele - Florence

This remarkable monument located in the very historical centre of Florence dates back to the VIIth century. In the XIIIth century, after the demolition of San Michele in Orto church, a square dedicated to the selling of wheat was built. It had a loggia on on of its sides. This structure was replaced in 1336 by a stone loggia. In 1350, the place took up again its religious function. The edifice housed then the Company of Orsanmichele but the upper storeys were still storing wheat for the city. In 1596, Orsanmichele became the office of contract and will archives until 1886. During its transformation into a church, the Tabernacle was made by Barnardo Daddi. It contains the painting entitled Vergine col bambino e gli angeli. The latter replaced an image of the Madonna that was on the inside of the building. The Tabernacle itself, a very beautiful gothic structure made of different marbles and coloured glass, is undoubtedly the main masterpiece of Andra Orcagna. The church also possesses Quattrocento frescos and XIVth century stained-glass windows. On the outside of the building, you can observe a series of niches containing the statues of saint patrons of Arts. The sculptures made of marble and bronze were done by the greatest Renaissance artists from Florence namely Donatello, Ghiberti, il Verrocchio and Nanni di Banco. Today, the statues are displayed in the museum of Orsanmichele.

To see: the façade, the church and the tabernacle; To do: visit the museum inside the church where the original sculptures of the façade are displayed; Close to: Chiesa Badia, Bargello, Piazza della Signoria.


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