Notre-Dame-sous-Terre Chapel - Mont-Saint-Michel

The Carolingian church named Chapelle Notre-Dame-sous-Terre (Our Lady underground) was built around 966 by the first Benedictine monks at the very place of the oratory erected by Saint-Aubert in the early VIIIth century. By the way, was recently discovered behind the southern sanctuary a huge wall which is the most ancient known on the island. The chapel was hidden within the abbey's foundations and rediscovered in the late XIXth century. The church, separated by two pillars into two naves, has a length of 18 metres and a width of 8 metres.

Things to see: the altar and the vestiges of Saint-Aubert's sanctuary.


every day 9.00-19.00 From 2 may - 31 august and 9.30-18.00 From 1st september - 30 april.


Combined ticket 8 euros
5 euros
Free minus 18 years old

Address : Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel Mont-Saint-Michel France

Phone : +332 33 89 80 00

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