Nonnberg Convent - Salzburg

The Nonnberg convent is believed to have been first built in 1009, which makes it the second oldest Church in Salzburg. It is said to have been richly decorated with frescoes, tapestries and paintings, however the building was destroyed by a fire in 1423. The then Romanesque church was restored in the Gothic style by Abbess Agatha von Haunsberg. Since 1241 the Abbess of the convent has had equal rank to a Bishop, and the right to bear the crosier, the crucifix and a mitre instead of the crown. In 1841 the nunnery abolished the requirement of being an aristocrat to join the convent. The church itself is built in the spirit of the Gothic era which, in contrast to the Franciscan Church, reflects wealth and elaborate ornamentation. Not to be missed is the late Gothic winged altar whose central shrine is adorned by a Madonna between the two patrons, St. Rupert and St. Virgil. The crypt with its detached columns and the magnificent reticulate rib-vaulting are unique in Salzburg. The tomb of St. Erentrudis is located in the apse. Frescoes from the middle of the 12th century are of exceedingly high artistic quality. The convent also includes a wide range of artefacts including the folding chair of the abbess with intricate ivory carving and bronze legs, a crucifix from the Cathedral dated 1300, crowns of the abbesses, sculptures and many intimate works of art


Open daily 7am-dusk


Free, however a donation is appreciated

Address : Nonnberggasse 2 5026 Salzburg Austria

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